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Double your employee productivity with AI Trained on your Data

AI agents that understand user permissions and natively connect to your business data.

Work across Slack, Teams, or an Advanced Web UI

Secure AI that puts business first.

Built to Accelerate Your Workforce.

Secure by Design

Data is always kept Secure and never shared or used for training

Experience the power of AI, tailored for the enterprise. Rest easy knowing we never use your data to train AI models. Engage in intuitive AI-driven conversations, confident that your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Integration with Azure AD and Okta further ensures that users can access only the data they’re authorized to view. From SOC2* compliance and the option for private cloud hosting within your enterprise to automatic redaction of sensitive data and adherence to acceptable use policies, recognizes the importance of enterprise-grade security.

* Coming soon.

Integrated with Slack and Teams

Collaborate with AI within Slack and Teams or use our Advanced Web UI

Give your employees AI integration right where they communicate the most – on Slack and Teams. With, not only do they get the advantage of working with AI within familiar chat platforms, but they also gain access to our advanced web UI, packed with cutting-edge features. It’s the perfect blend of what they already know and the future of AI capabilities. Seamlessly integrate, collaborate, and innovate, all while maintaining the enterprise controls you trust.


Chat with enterprise data via our Advanced AI Agents

Meet’s Agents, designed to natively connect to your enterprise platforms.  Transform the way you access and interact with your data while limiting access via enterprise identity and user permissions. Enable employees to start asking questions with natural language: ‘What was our sales total last quarter from Salesforce?’, ‘How many open tickets do we have in ServiceNow?’, ‘Can you find the vacation policy in the Employee Handbook?’, or ‘What are the latest updates on our code repository?’. Dive into a world where advanced AI meets your daily operational needs, all while never compromising on security.

AI in the Enterprise – your competitive advantage

Secure AI that accelerates every part of your business

See how much more your team can do with AI

Enterprise Applications

Use chat to securely query Salesforce, ServiceNow, or any internal database

Unlock the power of your internal data with the ease of conversation. Whether you’re querying Salesforce records, analyzing ServiceNow incidents, or accessing any other internal database, AI-enhanced chat simplifies the process. Dive into insights without the need to navigate complex interfaces or run manual queries. Just ask, and let AI bridge the gap between you and your data.

Generative AI based Code

Accelerate Code Development tasks by 55% across your company

Focus more on building outstanding software and less on repetitive coding patterns. Whether you’re diving into a new language, mastering a framework, or just beginning your coding journey, AI can streamline the process. Navigate bugs and grasp new frameworks without the hassle of constantly scouring documentation or web searches.

Marketing AI

Powerful AI features
built for marketing

Craft high-performing copy efficiently with AI. Generate campaign assets in mere seconds. Ensure it aligns with your brand voice and style guide. Plus, optimize your content to secure a top spot in SEO rankings. All of this with an AI platform that prioritizes the privacy and security of your content.


AI that’s Secure, Flexible, and designed around your Data.

Powerful of Features, Seamlessly Integrated into Your Workflow

Enterprise Grade Security

Single Sign-On (SSO), SOC2 compliance, data encryption at rest and in transit, data never shared or used for training.

Chat via Teams and Slack

Enable users to chat with AI directly via company chat platforms like Teams or Slack.

AI Agents

Directly Chat with your data while limiting access via corporate identity and user permissions.

Corporate Identity

Integration with identity providers like Azure AD and Okta, ensuring users only access data they’re authorized to see.

Prompt Libraries

Create, manage, and share libraries of AI prompts among users.

Data Integration

Directly Connect with Enterprise Data Sources via native APIs and SQL queries.

Enterprise Cloud Option

Option to host the solution on your own private enterprise cloud due to sensitive data or regulatory requirements.

AI Document Analysis

Enable users to upload documents and subsequently ask questions related to the content of those documents.

Deep Context

AI that understands schemas, workflows, and hierarchies within your enterprise data repositories.

Data Masking & Redaction

Automatically detect and redact sensitive data from prompts (like API Keys, credit card numbers, SSNs, etc.).

Extended AI Model Support

Choose the right model for the right task, from GPT4 to Stable Defusion and Open Source Models.

MultiSystem Integration

Capable of interacting with multiple internal systems simultaneously, providing a unified interface for disparate enterprise solutions.

Our Team

Built by experts who understand how AI fits into the enterprise’s team has built enterprise solutions for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies.  Our expertise across AI, cloud platforms business-critical apps, and enterprise security – uniquely allows us to provide AI to businesses.

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