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Accelerate Your Team’s ability to code with AI

Harness the power of GPT to generate, refactor, troubleshoot, and document code tailored to your enterprise standards

A Specialized GPT Agent that puts coding first

Built to Accelerate Your Developers

GPT Agent for Developers

Trained on your Company’s Coding standards to accelerate your team’s ability to code’s Code Agent is a specialized model designed to perform specific coding tasks with enhanced efficiency. While base GPT or Claude models are powerful generalists, capable of understanding and generating a wide range of content, our AI agents are fine-tuned experts. They’re designed to understand the intricacies of coding, company standards, and the challenges developers face, offering precise and tailored assistance.

Generate Code

Accelerate App Development

Refactor Code

Modernize Code Bases

Test Automation

Build Better Apps

Not just a coding tool – a revolution for developers:’s Code Agent is a powerful ally for your team. It assists in generating code with AI models trained on your company’s standards, offering a significant head start. Beyond creation, the agent aids in refactoring, paving the way for your team to modernize and embrace new technologies seamlessly. Its capabilities extend to test automation, where it parses code, comprehends functions, and creates test cases. Additionally, the agent can play a crucial role in documenting and explaining code, ensuring that your team can effortlessly understand and modify existing codebases.

AI that Conforms to Your Standards

Every enterprise has its unique coding standards, programing languages, frameworks,  libraries, and APIs. Code Agent ensures that every piece of code aligns with these standards, making company-wide consistency a breeze.

Direct Integration with Your Repositories

Stay connected and organized. Deploy can directly integrate with your GIT code repositories, allowing for code reviews, code refactoring, and troubleshooting. also allows you to seamlessly transition between development and deployment. No more switching between platforms; everything you need is right here.

Seamless Creation of Documentation

Focusing on code documentation, utilizes GPT to generate insightful and clear content, ensuring developers and teams can easily comprehend and manage their codebase. For instance, when integrated with platforms like Confluence, not only facilitates the creation and management of content but also adeptly crafts new pages and enhances existing ones with specific, tailored information. It provides consistent templates for those adhering to standardized documentation, and when code snippets are embedded within pages, provides astute explanations and insights. Additionally, it aids in identifying and understanding the nuances between different document versions, ensuring thorough comprehension and effective documentation management.


While GPT and Claude are generalist models capable of understanding a wide range of content, Deploy uses specialized AI agents. These agents are fine-tuned experts designed to understand coding intricacies, company standards, and developer challenges, providing precise assistance.

No, your data is sacred. does not share, sell, or distribute your content to third parties. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of security and privacy for our clients.

At, we employ state-of-the-art encryption protocols. All data in transit is secured using TLS (Transport Layer Security), while data at rest is encrypted using AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard). This ensures that your content remains confidential and impervious to unauthorized access.

Deploy’s custom agents offer a suite of features, from generating code aligned with company standards to providing expert refactoring suggestions, troubleshooting bugs, and offering clear documentation and explanations for code segments.

Deploy ensures that every piece of code generated aligns with the unique coding standards, libraries, and APIs of each enterprise, promoting company-wide consistency.

Yes, Deploy offers direct integration with code repositories, enabling real-time updates, code reviews, and smooth transitions between development and deployment phases.

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